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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: the False Statements by a Few Swedish Personnel are a Product of Ignorance, Arrogance and Hostility

We firmly oppose and strongly condemn the recent move on the case of Gui Minhai by a few Swedish personnel, who once again made false statements, spread lies and slandered China. We are deeply disappointed at some Swedish media for publishing such false remarks.

As we have pointed out on multiple occasions, Gui Minhai is suspected of severe criminal offences in China, and his case must be dealt with by Chinese judicial authorities in accordance with laws and procedures. China's judicial sovereignty allows no interference. Those people grossly interfered in China's internal affairs by making up lies and distorting facts, which violates the spirit of rule of law and internationally recognized principles of law, is a product of ignorance and arrogance, and lays bare their prejudice, discrimination and hostility towards China.

Recently we received a letter written in Swedish by a Swedish writer, which reports to the Swedish police on Gui Minhai's serious fraud and the many lies surrounding the case, based on long-time thorough investigation. We would like to share this letter with Swedish public. We believe it will help those who are objective and fair make sound judgment.


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