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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: Politicizing COVID-19 Runs Against Disease Fighting Efforts

The recent attempt to politicize COVID-19, label the virus and stigmatize China in media by a few individuals including Gunnar Hökmark and Patrik Oksanen from the so-called Frivärld think tank, is contemptible and should be opposed resolutely.

Virus knows no borders. The pandemic is a common enemy for all mankind, and the battle against it calls for solidarity of the international community. From the very beginning of the outbreak China shared information with the international community in an open, transparent and responsible manner. It has accumulated successful experience and gained valuable time for other countries in tackling and containing the virus, and made significant contribution. Committed to building a community of shared future for mankind, China is providing various forms of support to nearly 100 countries in their fight against the disease. Labeling the virus and stigmatizing China runs not only against WHO’s professional recommendations, but also against the global efforts in combating the disease, which stands opposite to people’s wish and will never have its way. Many countries including in Europe have clearly expressed their opposition to such behaviour.

The COVID-19 situation in Sweden is worrying. Slandering or blaming others at this moment is not helpful at all for this country’s efforts to counter the outbreak. If those individuals still retain any sense of sympathy or responsibility, they ought to think about how to contain the disease as soon as possible and lend help to the infected whose lives are at risk. The words and deeds of those individuals once again expose their selfishness, hypocrisy and cold-bloodedness. We advise them to bury prejudice, immediately stop slandering China’s disease fighting efforts, and instead genuinely do something for combating disease and saving lives and be a useful person to the society and world.

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