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Ambassador Gui Congyou Visits Västra Götaland

From 12 to 13 December, Ambassador Gui Congyou visited Västra Götaland. During the visit, Ambassador Gui met with Acting Governor of Västra Götaland Lisbeth Schultze, Acting Parliament Speaker of Gothenburg Jahja Zeqiraj and President of Western Sweden Chamber of Commerce Johan Trouvé, visited Volvo Cars and SKF, held talks with representatives of the local Chinese community and gave an exclusive interview to Göteborgs-Posten.

During the meeting with local government officials and representatives of the business community, Ambassador Gui said that over 270 years ago the merchant vessel "Gothenburg" traveled to China, and returned Sweden loaded with Chinese tea, silk and porcelain, opening maritime silk road cooperation between China and Sweden. To carry forward the historical and cultural value of the ancient silk road, the Chinese side proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, with a commitment to carrying forward the silk road spirit together with countries along the route, and expanding inter-connectivity, business and cultural cooperation. With highly similar development philosophies, China and Sweden are both firm advocates for economic globalization, open development and free trade. Sweden, western Sweden in particular, is a front-runner in innovation, green technology, environmental protection, advanced manufacturing and life sciences, which makes China and Sweden natural partners with each other. This is exemplified by the successful cooperation projects such as Geely-Volvo, NEVS and China-Europe Automobile Research Center. Presented with bright cooperation prospects, we need to seize the current opportunity to further build on China-Sweden Belt and Road cooperation.

Both local government officials and business leaders said that Gothenburg and Västra Götaland, as a manufacturing center and a hub for international trade of Sweden, have achieved significantly in the cooperation with China. Recent years are marked by strong growth of Chinese companies in western Sweden, which contributed to local jobs and economic growth. Gothenburg and Västra Götaland welcome more Chinese investment and are willing to strengthen Belt and Road cooperation and deepen cooperation with China's different provinces and cities.

Chinese Consul-General in Gothenburg Mr. Gu Hui attended the above events.

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