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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Remarks on the Extradition Case of Qiao Jianjun

Q: The Swedish high court has just decided about half an hour ago that they would not allow the extradition of Qiao Jianjun to China and the reason they gave is concerns about possible mistreatment and human rights problems in China. What's your response?

A: I took a similar question yesterday. We hope the Swedish government and Supreme Court will bear in mind the facts of his crimes and extradite him back to China for trial. By so doing, they will uphold fairness, justice and the dignity of rule of law, and prevent Sweden from becoming a safe haven for criminals.

Regarding the so-called reason given by the Swedish Supreme Court, I would like to point out that China attaches high importance to protecting and promoting human rights and the Chinese judicial system effectively safeguards the legal rights of criminal suspects. The progress of China's human rights protection in the judicial field is there for all to see. And over 260 criminal suspects from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have been extradited back to China. This fully testifies to the international community's confidence in China's judicial system. We again urge the Swedish side to treat China's request seriously.

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