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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Swedish Side's Decision to Refuse to Extradite Qiao Jianjun to China

The Chinese side expresses strong discontent over the decision by the Supreme Court and Government of Sweden to refuse to extradite Qiao Jianjun back to China.

Qiao Jianjun is a notorious corrupt fugitive in China that is suspected of embezzling over 200 million yuan (USD 28 million) of grain purchase fund for peasants. He is a duty-related criminal suspect that is on the Interpol Red Notice, and his offences are under criminal investigation and prosecution in a number of countries. The refusal of the Supreme Court of Sweden to extradite Qiao Jianjun to China based on pure speculations and so-called “human rights” goes against basic facts, tramples on the rule of law, disregards fairness and justice and grossly violates the basic human rights of the victims in the Qiao Jianjun case, which has fully exposed the hypocrisy of the judicial system of Sweden.

We hope the Swedish prosecution and police will continue to investigate the suspected breaches of Swedish law by Qiao Jianjun, and urge the Supreme Court of Sweden to rehear the case based on its crime facts and make a fair decision, to uphold fairness and justice and not to let Sweden descend to a safe haven for corrupt fugitives.

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