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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Response to the Question in a SVD Article

We have noticed the article on SVD by its journalist Annie Reuterskiöld on 21 August, which said staff of Chinese Embassy in Sweden asked her questions about KD during a visa interview. The article questioned why the Chinese side is so interested in KD. Our response is:

It is a common practice by countries around the world to request relevant visa applicants to take an interview. To learn about the receiving country including its political parties is one of the basic work of a diplomatic mission. The Communist Party of China is willing to develop friendly relations and exchanges with all major political parties in Sweden including KD, on the basis of independence, equality, mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs. The Communist Party of China maintains friendly exchanges with political parties from all major countries in the world. In 2017 the CPC hosted CPC Dialogue with World Political Parties High-level Meeting, which saw the participation by nearly 300 political parties and organizations from over 120 countries. In recent years, none of the major political parties in Sweden participated in political party exchange activities hosted by the CPC. Nor do they want to sent delegations to visit China. As a result, they lack due knowledge about the CPC’s policies and practices to deliver benefits to its people and to contribute to development of the world. It is hoped that major political parties in Sweden including KD will look at China and the CPC with an open mind and strengthen inter-party exchanges to enhance mutual understanding, rather than build up barriers and suspicion.

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