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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Erroneous Comments and Activities of Some Swedish Politicians, Media Outlets and People Concerning Hong Kong

Recently, some Swedish politicians, media outlets and people made erroneous comments regarding the situation in Hong Kong, and a few Swedish people came near the main gate of the Embassy to hold protests. We are strongly dissatisfied about and firmly opposed to the above-mentioned comments and activities by the Swedish side.

We solemnly reiterate that Hong Kong is part of China, and its affairs are entirely China’s internal affairs, which allow no foreign interference. Violent crimes in Hong Kong have escalated for some time. Rioters blocked roads, paralyzed traffic, vandalized public properties, attacked the Legislative Council building, stormed the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong, disrupted the Hong Kong SAR government agencies’ work, besieged police stations, attacked police officers, and illegally detained and arbitrarily assaulted tourists and journalists. These acts constitute severe violent crimes with early signs of terrorism, and have nothing to do with “freedom of speech and assembly”, “democracy” or “human rights”. They are intolerable in any civilized and rational society under the rule of law. Some extreme radicals even publicly advocated “Hong Kong independence”, insulted the national emblem and flag of China and the regional emblem of Hong Kong SAR, and blatantly challenged China’s sovereignty and the “one country, two systems” principle. Such separatist activities will never be allowed in any sovereign states. The Chinese Government sticks to the “one country, two systems” principle, with “one country” being the fundamental prerequisite of “two systems”. The most pressing and overriding task in Hong Kong now is to stop violence, end chaos, restore order, and safeguard prosperity and stability of the society.

Several Swedish politicians neglected and distorted the truth and made wanton comments on the situation in Hong Kong. They were trampling on the rule of law and interfering in China’s internal affairs. A few Swedish people maliciously harassed the Embassy. They displayed slogans that fabricated lies, instigated violence and hatred, smeared China, and infringed on China’s sovereignty.

We once again ask the Swedish side to respect China’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, openly state the positions of supporting the “one country, two systems” principle, opposing “Hong Kong independence”, and opposing violence, and not send any wrong signals to the rioters. We ask the Swedish side not to allow any anti-China political activities or advocacy of violence and hatred on the pretext of “freedom of speech”.

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