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Ambassador Gui Congyou Attends the Opening Ceremony of China-Sweden Dairy Cooperation Training Program

On 2 September, Ambassador Gui Congyou attended the opening ceremony of the China-Sweden Dairy Cooperation Training Program and visited the nearly 30 students of the program at Hamra Farm in Stockholm. CEO of DeLaval Mr. Joakim Rosengren and Professor Mr. Yang Dunqi from China Agriculture University participated in the event.

Ambassador Gui said, the China-Sweden Dairy Cooperation Training Program has been successfully operated for many years. As an important part of our inter-governmental technology cooperation, it trained a large number of skilled personnel for China’s dairy industry. Sweden is very advanced in animal husbandry, with forward-looking concepts and a high level of mechanization. As the first country to propose the idea of “common health”, Sweden has developed a lot of good practices in professional and large-scale farming, and standardized and refined management. China, on the other hand, has abundant stock farming resources, huge market potential and one of the world’s largest dairy production capacity. In recent years, the green development and innovation of dairy industry has been very high on the agenda of the Chinese Government, which rolled out a series of policies and regulations to facilitate the upgrading of the dairy industry and realize its sustainable development. As the Chinese economy continues to develop and the living standards of Chinese people continue to rise, there is very strong demand of Chinese consumers for high-quality dairy and meat products from Sweden and other EU countries, and China-EU cooperation in dairy industry is presented with a bright prospect. It is hoped that through the efforts of entrepreneurs of Chinese and Swedish dairy companies, China-Sweden dairy cooperation will go from strength to strength.

Mr. Rosengren said, DeLaval is committed to sustainable development through innovation. DeLaval has long been supporting dairy development of China, and has a long history of cooperation with China. The Sweden-China Dairy Cooperation Training Program is a good platform for exchanges between Swedish and Chinese companies. It helps the two parties to learn from each other, enhance cooperation and improve dairy and food industries together.

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