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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: The ignorance and insanity of Kurdo Baksi shocked us again

Recently, Kurdo Baksi made ridiculous remarks on Swedish media regarding the Gui Minhai case and the situation in Hong Kong. He distorted facts and clamored for “amnesty for Gui Minhai” and “moving Swedish Embassy from Beijing to Hong Kong”. We are once again shocked by his ignorance and insanity, and strongly condemn his extreme and unscrupulous anti-China behaviors.

The Chinese side has stated its positions on the Gui Minhai case and the situation in Hong Kong on many occasions. Gui Minhai violated laws in China, and the case must be handled by Chinese judicial authorities according to law. The violent crimes in Hong Kong have continued to escalate, which is outraging and has gone far beyond the realm of free expression of opinions. Such violence cannot be tolerated by any country and society under rule of law. What Baksi said and did not only fully exposed that he is extremely against China and supports “Hong Kong independence”, but also shows that he has no common sense of international law, and he does not understand and is not worthy of discussing democracy or rule of law at all. We urge Baksi to immediately stop. We urge him not to live in a world of fantasy and self-delusion, and never underestimate the ability of Swedish people to discern right and wrong. It is hoped that relevant Swedish media will not provide platforms for his inferior acting, and that the Swedish public will reject his ridiculous claims and add more positive energy to China-Sweden relations.

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