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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Anti-China Lies by Some Swedish Individuals and Media

We noticed that recently some Swedish media and individuals published some lies regarding China’s Xinjiang, blatantly whitewashing terrorism and viciously smearing China, to which we express our strong indignation and firm opposition.

Since 1990, thousands of violent terrorist attacks have occurred in Xinjiang, which were carried out by “East Turkestan” violent extremists represented by the “World Uyghur Congress” and “East Turkistan Islamic Movement”. These attacks resulted in heavy casualties of innocent people and hundreds of police officers killed on duty. In the face of such iron-clad fact of outrageous terrorist attacks, Jarker Hellström from FOI blatantly claimed “it is uncertain whether the attacks happened”, which is unabashed whitewashing for terrorist attacks. It is cruel and cold-blooded, and represents total indifference and trample on basic human rights of the terrosim victims and people in Xinjiang.

Sayragul Sauytbay escaped China because she is indebted and suspected of loan fraud in Xinjiang. To escape penality of law, she painted herself as someone “politically persecuted”, and fabricated many lies to slander the Chinese Government. All levels of the Chinese Government have never “persecuted” her. Swedish media’s interviewing and publishing her false statements is in nature spreading disinformation and fake news, making themselves a shelter-provider for the crimes of Sayragul Sauytbay.

Some people from of Säpo claimed “China conducts refugee espionage in Sweden”, which is nothing but nonsense, fabrication and presumption of guilt on China out of ideological bias and political agenda. China never interferes with internal affairs of other countries, and firmly opposes other countries interfering in its own affairs. The Chinese side has never conducted any “illegal espionage” that threatens Sweden, instead it is some Swedish politicians with deep-rooted cold war mentality and ideological bias, that abuse and distort the idea of “human rights” and “democracy”, to conduct defamatory campaign and hostile propaganda against China, in an attempt to influence, interfere and threaten China.

We urge some forces and individuals in Sweden to abandon bias, arrogance and hypocrisy against China, immediately stop spreading anti-China propaganda and lies. It is hoped that Swedish media will abide by journalistic ethics, avoid being credulous to lies or spreading lies, avoid providing platforms for anti-China political propaganda, and report on China objectively and fairly.

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