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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Blatant "Taiwan independence" Propaganda in Swedish Media

The so-called “Representative of Taipei Mission in Sweden” published an article on DI to blatantly advocate “Taiwan independence”, claiming Taiwan as a “state” in an attempt to split China, and challenging the one-China principle, a universally recognized norm of international relations. We resolutely oppose this and express our strong dissatisfaction with DI for providing a platform for “Taiwan independence” elements.

There is only one China in the world and the Taiwan region is an inalienable part of China’s territory. The one-China principle is the basic norm of international relations established by the United Nations, a universal consensus of the international community including Sweden, and a long-term basic foreign policy pursued by the Swedish Government. Taiwan was never a “country”, and there should never be any “National Day celebration”. It is entirely correct for Swedish agencies and companies to mark Taiwan as a province of China. The actions of the Taipei Mission in Sweden and its representative are against the historical trend. They are abusing the freedom of speech in Sweden to engage in activities incompatible with their capacity. They are not only utterly violating the Swedish Government’s one-China policy, but also blatantly challenging the international rule of law, undermining international rules, and acting against the international community. They are doomed to fail, and they will certainly go down in Chinese history as a shame.

The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair. It bears on China’s core interests and the Chinese people’s national sentiments, and is the most important political foundation for China to develop relations with countries having diplomatic ties with China. No force can stand in the way of China’s reunification. We hope that all sectors in Sweden and relevant media will recognize the “Taiwan independence” forces’ sinister intentions to sabotage China-Sweden friendly cooperation, abide by the one-China principle, and provide no platform or support for anti-China “Taiwan independence” separatist activities. We ask DI to publish the above-mentioned position of the Chinese side in order to ensure a correct understanding of the matter.

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