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Speaker of Parliament of Sweden Andreas Norlén Extends Sympathies to Chinese People on Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

On 12 February, Ambassador Gui Congyou attended a reception hosted by Speaker of Parliament Andreas Norlén for heads of diplomatic missions at the Riksdag, and had a friendly conversation with Mr Norlén.

Ambassador Gui updated Speaker Norlén on the efforts by the Chinese side to combat the Novel Coronavirus Pnuemonia (NCP) epidemic. He said that the Communist Party of China and Chinese Government took the most comprehensive and stringent measures beyond recommendations of WHO, which is to put the security and health of 1.4 billion Chinese people at first and to prevent the epidemic from spreading to other countries out of responsibility to people all over the world. These measures have proven effective. The number of newly confirmed cases in thirty provinces, regions and municipalities outside of Hubei has been decreasing for eight consecutive days, the number of deaths decreasing and cured patients rising. We have the confidence, capacity, resources and measures to defeat the epidemic at an early date.

Speaker Norlén said, the world is facing a public health emergency caused by NCP. We feel deeply and express sympathies for the Chinese people hit by the epidemic and their struggle to cope with the consequences of the virus. We need a strong multilateral system to empower governments to address these problems effectively.

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