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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks Regarding the Court Decision on the Gui Minhai Case

This morning a number of Swedish media requested interview with Ambassador Gui Congyou regarding the court decision on the Gui Minhai case. Ambassador is always open to exchanges with friends from Swedish media. However, Gui Minhai has reinstated his Chinese nationality in 2018 after he applied to competent Chinese authorities on his own initiative, and the case has been removed from the archive of China-Sweden consular cases. As a result, Ambassador believes that this case is no longer a topic between China and Sweden.

China’s position is clear-cut. According to the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China, China does not recognize dual nationality for any Chinese national, respects Gui Minhai’s personal will and only recognizes him as a Chinese citizen. Gui Minhai has severely violated the Chinese laws in China, and China’s judicial authorities handled the case and made the decision in accordance with relevant laws and procedures. This is China’s judicial sovereignty, which no other country including Sweden is entitled to interfere. It is hoped that the Swedish side will respect China’s handling of and the court decision on the case in accordance with laws and procedures, and respect Gui Minhai’s personal will.

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