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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on SVT's China Related Program

On 28 February, SVT's Svenska Nyheter broadcast another abominable program, which brazenly spread lies on the Gui Minhai case and the program leader Kristoffer Appelquist attacked and abused China with vulgar language. We strongly condemn it.

As we have pointed out on multiple occasions, Gui Minhai has committed severe crimes in China, and China's judicial authorities handled the case and made the court decision in accordance with laws and legal procedures, which no one is entitled to interfere. Gui Minhai applied to competent Chinese authorities in 2018 on his own initiative and reinstated his Chinese nationality according to law. It is his right and choice to do so, which should be respected by all.

SVT's Svenska Nyheter had a record of committing severe offences on China-related content and this time it repeats the old trick. The content in the program disregards facts, reverses black and white and lacks rationality. It is an act to vent and incite hatred and hostility, and to serve as a mouthpiece of anti-China forces to spread misinformation. Such content is no longer a joke or entertainment at all. It is immoral and against humanity, and further exposes the stereotype and prejudice on China. We urge the program to change the despicable attitude and correct the wrongdoing immediately. We reserve the right to take further actions accordingly.

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