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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson:Stigmatization is a more terrifying virus

Gunnar Hökmark from the so-called Frivärld think tank attacked and stigmatized China in media by saying “China should apologize for the pandemic”. We strongly condemn his ridiculous words, and express firm opposition to Expressen’s publishing of such statement.

China’s quick, resolute and effective tackling and containment of Covid-19 is widely recognized by the international community. China released information in an open and transparent manner, identified pathogens within a record short time and immediately shared the genetic sequence of the virus with the WHO and other countries. As the WHO stated, China has built a strong first line of defense against the international spread of the virus and has gained valuable time for the world. UN Secretary-General António Guterres described China’s great sacrifice in containing the spread of Covid-19 as a great contribution to all mankind. Not to mention that no conclusion has been reached on the origin of the virus. China, like all other countries hit by the outbreak, is a victim of the virus. The claim that “China should apologize” is totally groundless and unjustified.

Hökmark’s words once again exposed the true face of himself and the so-called Frivärld think tank as an anti-China political machine. Even a fight against pandemic which is about saving human life can be utilized by them to smear and attack China, which only tells that their sensibility and conscience have been eclipsed by ideological prejudice. As Covid-19 is raging in many countries including Sweden, the most important task now is for all countries to work in concert and contain the spread of the disease at an early time. Hökmark’s attacking, slandering and stigmatizing China is extremely immoral and irresponsible, and is a hindrance to global efforts in containing the pandemic. Hökmark and his words are a more terrifying virus. He must apologize to China and other countries in the world, especially to all the victims of Covid-19 and front-line medical workers who are fighting the disease day and night.

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