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Details of Visa-free Access for Singapore Citizens Holding Ordinary Passports Traveling to China for a Short Stay

The government of P.R. China has decided to waive visa requirement for Singapore citizens holding ordinary passports traveling to China for a short stay effective on 1 July, 2003. Details are as follows.

1. Ordinary passport holders traveling to China for the purposes of business, tourism, visiting relatives and friends, and transit for less than 15 days starting from the date of entry are exempted from visa, and can enter and exit from China's ports open to foreigners.  Passport Control Stations will check on the passport validity of individuals. Those intending for an extended stay of more than 15 days can apply for a visa at the local Public Security Organ after entry into China. Overstayers will be punished by the Chinese Public Security organ or Passport Control Station according to relevant law.

2. Ordinary passport holders traveling to China for more than 15 days or for the purposes of study, work, residence and journalism as well as diplomatic and official passport holders are still required to apply for a visa beforehand as it is at the Chinese embassies or consulates overseas.

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