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Notice on Adjustment of Qualified Standardised Negative COVID-19 NAT Certificates for Direct Flight Passengers to China

In accordance with the notification by the Singaporean government, starting from 5 October, the previous three standardised memos of Negative COVID-19 NAT Certificate will be combined to one new format (see annex). Direct flight passengers from Singapore to China can board the airplane with the new standardised negative COVID-19 NAT certificate , together with filled Declaration Form for Direct Flight Passengers to China with Qualified Negative COVID-19 NAT Certificate(the declaration form can be downloaded from the Embassy website and no need to reviewed and approved by the Embassy ).

Passengers who hold the non-standardised certificate and passengers travelling on transit flights to China via Singapore or passengers travelling from Singapore to China via other countries or regions still need to apply for HS Health Code or certified Health Declaration Form from the Chinese Embassy in advance.

The Embassy kindly remind passengers intend to use this facilitations that passengers must confirm that the name and passport number in the certificate are consistent with those as shown on the passenger’s valid passport or travel document. Any institution or individual engaging in forgery and fraud of the certificate shall bear all legal liabilities incurred.Passengers who are not sure whether their certificates meet the above requirements, can still apply for the HS Health Code or certified Health Declaration Form in accordance with the announcement previously released by the Embassy.

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1. Adjusted standardised negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test certificate

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