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Notice on the Updated Requirements for the Health Code Applications


At present, the COVID-19 pandemic situation is still serious. In accordance with the latest domestic requirements, Chinese Embassy in Slovenia made the following adjustments and supplementary explanations for the green Health Code with a "HS" logo for Chinese nationals (hereafter referred to as the "HS" Code), or the green Health Declaration with a "HDC" logo QR-code for foreign nationals (hereafter referred to as the " HDC "QR code) application standards. The updated requirements will come into effect on September 13, 2021.

1. Application Requirements for Vaccinated Persons

Only those who have received the complete series of injections of COVID-19 vaccination, after which a minimum of 14 days has elapsed, are deemed to be vaccinated. Persons who are to be vaccinated with two injections but have only received the first dose, are not deemed to be vaccinated.

Those who have been vaccinated should upload the relevant certificates of vaccination and the "Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination" signed by the applicant or the legal guardian (see Attachement 1) together with other materials when applying for the "HS" Code or "HDC" QR-code.

2. Application Requirements for Persons with a History of Infection

1) Determining history of infection

Those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or those who were not diagnosed but have tested positive for any PCR nucleic acid tests, IgM antibody or IgG antibody tests(not as a consequence of vaccination), those who have been vaccinated and have tested positive for N protein IgM antibody test (except for those who have been vaccinated with inactivated vaccine) are all considered as having a history of infection.

2) If there is any uncertainty about the application for "HS/HDC" QR-code, contact our Embassy by email as part of preliminary application and provide this information:  

i.) Basic personal information, basic infromation about diagnosis or positive test, recovery certificate (if you have it).

ii.) Lung CT or X-ray diagnostic report, issued by a Slovene institution, dated within 30 days before sending the email (pregnant women should not provide this).

iii.) Two negative PCR nucleic acid tests (with an interval of at least 24 hours between sampling) taken within 3 dayes before sending the email.The tests have to be taken at one of the institutions that are recognised by our Embassy. Both the lung diagnostic report and the PCR nucleic acid test should be dated later than the date on the person's confirmed diagnosis or previous positive test report.

iv.) Persons with history of infection should not be vaccinated right after the infection, but should contact our Embassy and send all necessary material before considering vaccine matters.

3) After preliminary procedure, our Embassy will inform the applicant via email about how to carry out quarantine and health status monitoring. Persons should be in quarantine for 14 days and should truthfully fill out the "Personal Health Monitoring Form"(see Attachement 2).

4) After quarantine and health status monitoring, if no abnormalities occur, one can apply for "HS/HDC" QR-code by submitting both IgM and PCR negative test results. If PCR test result is positive or if any illness symptoms occur, one should stop "HS/HDC" QR-code application procedure immediatelty and get medical treatment, after recovery one can start the preliminary application from the beginning.

  3. Application materials

i.) PCR nucleic acid test result certificate from a designated testing institution

ii.) IgM antibody test result certificate from a designated testing institution

iii.) Passport, ID card, residence certificate, visa and other identity certificates

iv.) Complete itinerary (such as driving, taking a train, bus, etc. from Slovenia to the transit point, it is necessary to indicate the time from the starting point and the mode of transportation when filling in the report, note that the interval between the sampling time and the departure time from the origin must not exceed 48 hours)

v.) Vaccination certificate and "Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination" (for persons who have been vaccinated)

vi.) 21-day quarantine certificate (limited to Chinese personnel of Chinese companies)

vii.) "Personal Health Monitoring Form" (persons with history of infection, etc.)

  4. Special Reminder

i.) Those who intend to take a flight to China are requested to read this notice carefully and comply with the rules and regulations. Failure to obtain the "HS/HDC" QR-code before boarding, will result in temporarily not being eligible for boarding flights to China and will need to reschedule or adjust itineraries appropriately.

ii.) Please pay attention to the epidemic situation in the transit country and the relevant requirements for applying for the "HS/HDC" QR-code issued by the embassies and consulates, and carefully choose the route to China to avoid increasing the risk of infection and detention.

iii.) Other requirements for epidemic prevention and "HS/HDC" QR-code application are still in use in accordance with the original regulations. The Chinese Embassy in Slovenia recommends that you do not travel unless it is necessary or urgent, to protect the health and safety of you and your family.


Attachements: 1. "Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 Vaccination"

2. "Personal Helth Monitoring Form "

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