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Notice on Visa Facilitation for Applicants Vaccinated with the COVID-19 Vaccine Produced in China


In order to resume travelling of foreigners to China starting from March 15, 2021, the Embassy of PRC in Slovakia will provide facilitation to the applicants who have been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine produced in China and hold a corresponding vaccination certificate. Details are as follows:

1.The applicants who want to travel to China for the purpose of resumption of work and production activities in China (including M visa for commerce/business, Z visa for work and F visa for meeting) ,as well as their family members, will no longer need to submit a PU Invitation letter from the Provincial Foreign Affairs or Commercial Departments in China. They are only required to provide documents according to the standard requirements valid before Covid-19 pandemic. For reference,please see our website: http://sk.china-embassy.org/chn/lsqw/bzxz/sbzzqz/t1776003.htm

2.The scope of visa issuance is also expanded to the applicants who want to apply for a visa with the purpose of a family reunion, support or visit of a relative, attending funerals or visiting critically ill relatives. It applies to foreign family members of Chinese citizens or permanent residents, including spouses, parents, children and other close relatives living together (referring to siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren. For required documents, please see our website: http://sk.china-embassy.org/chn/lsqw/bzxz/sbzzqz/t1776003.htm

3.The applicants with valid APEC business travel card can apply for entry visa by providing photocopies of APEC cards as well as the invitation letters issued by the Chinese counterparts.

4.The requirements about the double-negative certificates for COVID-19 from PCR and serum antibody test remains valid and unchanged. All foreign travellers are also required to abide by the relevant quarantine regulations after arrival to China.

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