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Wang Yi Addresses at the Palestine-Israel Peace Symposium

On July 15, 2021, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi addressed at the Fourth Palestine-Israel Peace Symposium.

Wang Yi pointed out that the question of Palestine is at the very heart of the Middle East situation. Without its solution, tranquility can hardly be maintained in the Middle East. Right now, the developments between Palestine and Israel are complicated and fragile. The more challenging the situation is, the more important for us to nurture the spark of hope, explore the way forward for peace talks, and seek the light of peace.

First, it is important to reaffirm the conviction in peace and expand the ranks of peace advocates. All parties should promote a culture of tolerance and self-restraint, and reject extreme violence. China supports the Geneva Initiative in playing a greater role, and stands ready to provide assistance and engage in cooperation. We will continue to invite young people from Palestine and Israel to China for exchanges and dialogue.

Second, it is important to advocate an attitude of mutual accommodation and move forward the peace talks. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Madrid Peace Conference. The principle of "land for peace" established at the Conference provides energy for the peace process. China welcomes representatives from the two sides to come to China for direct negotiations, and will be happy to offer dialogue platforms for all those from Palestine and Israel that are committed to promoting the vision of peace.

Third, it is important to act in a spirit of solidarity and alleviate the humanitarian hardships. The current humanitarian situation in Palestine is a cause for concern, as it might gravely erode the social foundation for peace. It is imperative to scale up humanitarian assistance to Palestine, push for the lifting of the blockade and siege on Gaza, and guarantee the legitimate rights of the people in the occupied Palestinian territories. China will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestine, and stands supportive of the work of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

Fourth, it is important to stick to the two-state solution and deliver fairness and justice. Biased solution or exclusive arrangement will not get anywhere. China supports the UN in playing a leading role. We call for a UN-led international peace conference participated by the permanent members of the Security Council and all stakeholders in the Middle East peace process, to put the two-state solution into practice and restart the peace talks between the two sides.

Wang Yi stressed that China has and will continue to uphold and promote peace and stability in the Middle East, and promote an early settlement of the question of Palestine. China is also ready to work with countries in the region and the international community to contribute to Palestine and Israel living side by side in peace.

The symposium was held online. Member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Secretary General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front Ahmed Majdalani and former Justice Minister of Israel and initiator of Geneva Initiative (a Palestine-Israel civil peace organization) Yossi Beilin led delegations of peace-loving people from both sides to attend the symposium. During the exchange and discussion, the two sides highly appreciate China's long-term commitment to promoting the Palestine-Israel peace process and expect China to continue to play a greater role in this regard. Both sides are willing to actively cooperate with all parties of the international community in promoting peace and make unremitting efforts to implement the "two-state solution" and realize the peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel.

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