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Wang Yi: Any Attempt to Suppress the Legitimate Rights to Development of Developing Countries is Doomed to Failure

On September 26, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Niger's Foreign Minister Hassoumi Massoudou during the General Debate of the UN General Assembly.

Wang Yi said, Niger is China's good friend, good brother and important partner in Africa. China appreciates Niger's friendly policy towards China and its support for China's legitimate position on issues concerning China's core interests, which demonstrates the high level of mutual trust between the two sides. In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the two countries have worked together to overcome difficulties and made smooth progress in major cooperation projects. China is ready to work with Niger to make a plan for practical cooperation in the next stage and push for the continuous development of bilateral relations.

Wang Yi said, every country has the right to realize its own development through efforts. The collective revitalization of developing countries is the most distinctive feature of our times and an important symbol of the progress of human society as a whole. Any attempt to suppress the development of developing countries by whatever despicable methods is doomed to failure. China is ready to work with Niger to support each other on the international and regional stage, jointly uphold basic norms governing international relations and international fairness and justice, and safeguard the legitimate rights to development of developing countries.

Wang Yi said, development is the master key to addressing all problems. China is willing to share its governance experience with Niger and other developing countries. China welcomes Niger to join the Global Development Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping and the Initiative on Partnership for Africa's Development jointly proposed by China and Africa, to form synergy with Agenda 2063 of the African Union, and address challenges through development, helping African countries achieve more robust, greener and more balanced development, and speed up the realization of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Hassoumi said, Niger and China enjoy long-time friendship and the two countries firmly support each other. The people of Niger hold friendly feelings towards China and the Chinese people. Niger sincerely thanks China for its timely assistance to Niger's development. China's development follows the trend of development and progress of human society. China's success is a blessing for all mankind and provides inspiration and reference for other developing countries, which will facilitate and drive African countries to forge ahead. Niger is ready to expand cooperation with China in various fields and set a good example of Africa-China friendship. The Global Development Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping meets the development needs of African countries. Niger fully agrees with and firmly supports it, and is ready to work with China to jointly safeguard the inalienable rights to development of developing countries and their legitimate rights to independent choice of their development paths.

The two sides agreed to work together to deepen China-Africa cooperation, push for the success of the upcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Senegal, and consolidate and demonstrate the solidarity between China and Africa. The two sides also exchanged views on the regional security situation and other issues.

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