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China-LAS Cooperation Initiative on Data Security

On March 29, 2021, Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu held a video conference on data security with Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States (LAS) Hossam Zaki. The two sides signed and published the China-LAS Cooperation Initiative on Data Security. Permanent representatives to the LAS from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Arab states, and Chinese Ambassador to Egypt and China's Representative to the LAS Liao Liqiang attended the meeting.

Ma Zhaoxu spoke highly of the development of China-Arab states relations and said that President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter over the successful convening of the 9th Ministerial Conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF) last year, opening a new chapter for the political relations between China and Arab states. During the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the two sides stuck together and helped each other, which is a vivid epitome of the China-Arab states community with a shared future. China is willing to work with Arab states to add new dimensions to the strategic partnership between the two sides, and build a China-Arab states community with a shared future based on common convictions and in pursuit of development and prosperity.

Ma Zhaoxu said that against the backdrop of a booming global digital economy and increasingly prominent risks and challenges of data security, China and Arab states put forward solutions to major problems of data and cyber security, making important contributions to promoting global digital governance. The China-LAS Cooperation Initiative on Data Security aims to build an open, fair and non-discriminatory digital environment, which reflects the common aspiration of developing countries and serves the common interests of the international community. He hopes that the two sides will take this opportunity to enhance strategic connectivity and practical cooperation, uphold multilateralism and promote global governance.

The Arab side stressed that China is an important partner of Arab states. Arab states attach high importance to digital development and security and appreciate China launching the Global Initiative on Data Security. In the context of fast evolving digital technologies and increasing cyber and data security challenges, all countries need to enhance cooperation, use IT technologies based on the adherence to the United Nations Charter, develop unified international rules, jointly address cyber security threats, protect data and supply chain security, and create a favorable environment for the stable social and economic performance.

The Arab side said the signing of the China-LAS Cooperation Initiative on Data Security is consistent with the consensus on cyber security reached in the United Nations. It is the shared aspiration of the international community to safeguard cyber and data security, and is conducive to closing the loopholes in international rules. As another embodiment of the strategic partnership between China and Arab states, the signing of the China-LAS Cooperation Initiative on Data Security will make important contributions to the development of international rules in the digital field. The Arab side is ready to increase communication and coordination with China, and push forward the relations between China and Arab states.

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