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China actively provides assistance to help Thailand in its fight against COVID-19

On 17 March, Mr. Yang Xin, chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Thailand Prayut Chan-o-cha, informing him that China is willing to provide assistance to Thailand for its fight against COVID-19. On the 18th, Mr. Yang Xin met with Deputy Prime Minister and minister of public health Anutin, to discuss details in providing such assistance.

Mr. Yang Xin said, in the course of responding to the epidemic, China and Thailand have stood shoulder to shoulder, and extended mutual support to each other, which exemplify a deep traditional friendship shared by true friends who have gone through vicissitudes and sharing weal and woe. Recently, the epidemic situation in Thailand is getting more serious, The Chinese people could really related to the travail experienced by the Thai people. In this connection, China is willing to offer a helping hand within its capacity despite the still daunting task of fighting the virus at home. The Chinese government will provide Thailand with medical materials such as test kits, surgical masks, N95 masks and medical protective garments, it will coordinate Chinese companies to export medicines for the treatment the COVID-19. Relevant Chinese companies will make targeted export of medical materials to Thailand, in a bid to satisfy Thailand's need. Chinese enterprises in Thailand and friendly Chinese civil societies are also mobilized in donating medical supplies to Thailand. In the face of difficulty, the Chinese people will stand firmly with the Thai people, through cooperation and concerted effort,we will surely win over this epidemic and restore social development and economic vitality.

Prime Minister Prayut and Deputy Prime Minister Anutin expressed their firm support in China's effort to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.They congratulated China for achieving positive progress under the leadership of President Xi Jinping and firmly believed that under the leadership of CPC of China , the country will eventually prevail over the epidemic.

On behalf of the Thai government and the Thai people, The Prime Minister thanked China for its valuable support and assistance, believing it fully reflects the China government has put the development of bilateral relations high on its agenda. He expressed his belief that Thailand and China will surely win over the epidemic and that bilateral ties will emerge even stronger in this joint campaign against the virus. Deputy Prime Minister Anutin applauded China in extending a helping hand in Thailand most difficult time, which he believed exemplifies the special friendship of "Thai and China as one family". He believed after overcoming this travail, Sino-Thai relationship will be more consolidated.

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