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The Chinese Embassy to Thailand Holds Event to Celebrate the 44th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between China and Thailand

On July 1, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand held an event to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, inviting former Deputy Prime Minister and President of Thai-Chinese Cultural Relationship Council Mr. Pinit Jarusombat , former Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Thai-Chinese Friendship Association Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, President of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Mr Jitti Tangsitpadi , Chairman of the Chinese Community Federation Mr. Yi Fan, and representatives of the Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association. About 150 guests from business, education, media and overseas Chinese communities attended.

Ambassador Lyu Jian delivered a keynote speech entitled "Reviewing the past and looking forward to the future : China-Thailand Relations in the New Era". Ambassador Lyu said that in the past 44 years, with the personal caring and guidance of the leaders from both China and Thailand, our bilateral relations have made considerable progress. The people of the two countries, hand-in-hand, supported and helped each other . Our traditional friendship of “Jeen Thai Phee Nong Gan” has lasted for a long time and been timeless. China-Thailand relations have shown an all-round, wide-ranging, deep-seated and multi-dimensional pattern of development.

Ambassador Lyu Jian pointed out that as socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and Thailand entered the time of Reign of Rama X of Dynasty of Bangkok, the two countries have engaged in important stages of development in their respective countries, and bilateral relations are facing new and important opportunities. At the same time, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. Anti-globalization, unilateralism and protectionism on a rise has had a negative impact on the world economy and international relations. However, China has always firmly believed that the trend of globalization and multilateralism is irreversible and that the trend of cooperation for common development of all countries cannot be changed.


Ambassador Lyu Jian stressed that with the guidance of Xi Jinping Diplomatic Thoughts, we are confident, determined and capable of seizing historical opportunities. We will strive to make China-Thailand relations stand out as an example of friendly cooperation between countries with different social systems, to comprehensively improve the quality and level of pragmatic cooperation between China and Thailand, and promote "hardware" cooperation such as interconnection and capacity cooperation. At the same time, we should pay more attention to and promote the "software" cooperation in exchanges of experience on governance, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, education and training sectors, and working together to promote Thailand as the regional hub and important platform for "Belt and Road" cooperation. We supported Thailand as the rotating chair of ASEAN to play a greater role, push forward in building the East Asian Economic Community and conclude RCEP negotiations within this year. We hope that the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between China and Thailand will bring greater well-being to the people of both countries and regions.


At the event, the embassy invited three major Thai non-governmental organizations, the Thai-Chinese Cultural Relationship Council, Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association and the Thai-Chinese Friendship Association, which have long supported and promoted friendly exchanges and economic cooperation between China and Thailand, to attend the celebration. The Chinese and Thai guests gathered together to review the exchanges between the two countries and look forward to a better future. The guests warmly congratulated China and Thailand on the 44th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations , the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China . They talked about admiration for the achievements made under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and expectation of China-Thailand friendship, and stressed that the "Belt and Road" Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping has benefited Thailand and many other countries and regions. Thailand will participate more actively and deeply. The young Thai overseas Chinese leaders who were invited to participate in the celebration for the first time expressed their willingness to inherit the course of their ancestors and pass on the friendship between China and Thailand from generation to generation.

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