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Ambassador Lyu Jian Attended 150th Anniversary Celebration of Thai-Chinese Export and Import Association

On the evening of March 24, Ambassador Lyu Jian was invited to attend the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Thai-Chinese Export and Import Association. Mr. Surayud Chulanont, Councilor of the Privy Council of Thailand, Zhang Jianqing, Director-General of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China, Mr. Kittipong Thaerattanachai, President of the Thai-Chinese Exim Association and representatives from all walks of life in Thailand about 800 people attended the event.

Ambassador Lyu Jian fully affirmed the positive role played by the Thai-Chinese Export and Import Association of promoting Thailand's economic and social development and the bilateral trade between China and Thailand, and extended warm congratulations on the 150th anniversary of the Association.

Ambassador Lyu introduced about the two sessions in China. The two sessions just successfully concluded, adopted the constitutional amendment, elected the new leadership of national institutions and set China's economic and social development goals in 2018. Many major reform measures have been formulated in the form of law. The two sessions pointed out the directions for China's future development in the next five years, laid the foundation for reforms and promoted the significant transformation in modernizing China's system and capacity for governance through reforms to ensure the long-term and steady growth of economic and social developmen.

Ambassador Lyu noted that China and Thailand continue synergizing the development strategies, carrying out cooperation of the "Belt and Road Initiative", Thailand 4.0 and the Eastern Economic Corridor to promote and upgrade the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Thailand. In the future, the door of China will open still wider to the world, providing greater opportunities to our bilateral trade.

Ambassador Lyu hoped that the Thai-Chinese Export and Import Association will give full play to their advantages and seize opportunities to promote the further development of China-Thailand economic and trade relations as well as to develop themselves.

President Kittipong of the Thai-Chinese Export and Import Association thanked Ambassador Lyu and other attendees from all walks of life for their attendance. He expressed willingness to uphold the fine traditions, actively expand the business of the association, and lead the association to grasp the opportunity of the countries' development and contribute to the prosperity of Thai economy and China-Thailand economic and trade cooperation.

Councilor Surayud of the Privy Council and Director-General Zhang Jianqing also addressed at the ceremony respectively.

The Thai-Chinese Export and Import Association is the commercial community with longest history of overseas Chinese in Thailand. Established 150 years ago by some of Chaozhou-shantou residents, only engaging in trade between Bangkok and Shantou in the beginning, it was named as Siam Shantou Chamber. With the economic developmenof the world, the name of this commercial community has been changed several times, and the business has also expanded to all over the world. In 1991, the community was eventually named as the Thai-Chinese Export and Import Association.

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