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Ambassador Lyu Jian Attended Celebration Conference of Chinese Teachers' Association in Thailand 2018 and 5th Awarding Ceremony for Chinese Teachers

On May 27th, Ambassador Lyu Jian joined the celebration conference of Chinese teachers' Association in Thailand 2018 and 5th awarding ceremony for Chinese Teachers.

Ambassador Lyu Jian expressed his sincere gratitude and high respect to Chinese teachers who have been working hard for Chinese education for a long time, to all those who has supported Chinese education, and congratulated teachers who received the awards this year. Ambassador Lyu Jian said that in 2014, Dr. Luo Zongzheng, the President of the Chinese Teachers Association in Thailand, set up this award for the full-time Chinese Teacher in Thailand. Since then, the award has been given for five consecutive years, widely recognized and appreciated by Chinese community in Thailand. This is not only an affirmation and reward to senior Chinese teachers for their long-term hardworking and dedication, but also an encouragement for young Chinese teachers.

With cooperation in various fields between China and Thailand reached a new level, the demand for bilingual talents will grow. It is hoped that Thai teachers and Chinese volunteer teachers not only teach Chinese lessons well, but also interpret the broad and profound Chinese culture to students, to help the children learn more and deeper about, to love Chinese and benefit from culture Chinese. It is hoped that they will further promote the understanding between our peoples and make a new and more important contribution to the brotherhood between China and Thailand.

Dr. Luo Zongzheng, President of the Chinese Language Teachers Association in Thailand, Dr. Wu Hongfeng, permanent honorary chairman of the Chinese Teachers Association in Thailand, and Mr. Chen Shaoyang, Acting Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, attended the activity and deliver speeches.

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