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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on the US Building A So-called Alliance

Question: US President is heading to Europe for a G7 summit that will in part be an effort to start building an alliance to keep China in check. Critics say that in the two decades since China joined the WTO, its government has exploited the rules to deploy as much as $500 billion of state aid to create dominant companies in sectors including robotics, aircraft and electric cars. What is the foreign ministry's comment on the plans by the US to build this alliance?

Spokesperson: On this question, I'd like to point out that those fanning confrontation are definitely on an ill-advised path. Peace, development and win-win cooperation is the trend of our times and all countries' shared aspiration. Ganging up, pursuing bloc politics and forming small cliques are unpopular and doomed to fail. We hope relevant countries will discard ideological bias, look at China in an objective and rational light, and take more concrete actions to promote global anti-COVID cooperation, boost world economic recovery and help accelerate developing countries' growth.

I would also like to stress that since China's accession to the WTO two decades ago, we have fulfilled our obligations and honored our commitment. We always comply with WTO rules and firmly safeguard the WTO-centered multilateral trading regime. We hope relevant countries can adopt an open, inclusive, cooperative and constructive attitude when discussing global issues and play a more positive role in upholding the multilateral trading regime and facilitating a steady recovery of the world economy.

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