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Ten Q&As on Origin Studying of the COVID-19 (4)

Q: Why did China reject the WHO's work plan on the second phase origins study?

A: We noted with regret that this work plan was heavily disrupted by politicization and was a document that lost scientific principles and lacked a spirit of cooperation. The WHO-China joint mission report clearly concludes that "lab leak is extremely unlikely", and there is broad consensus in the international scientific community on this. However, this work plan still lists the hypothesis that "a Chinese violation of laboratory protocols had caused the virus to leak" as a research priority, and deliberately ignores important research directions including the early cases globally and cold-chain transmission of the virus. One cannot help but think that this work plan is made to echo the "lab leak theory" advocated by certain countries such as the United States. And the lack of transparency in the drafting process also added to the suspicion that the work plan is the product of political manipulation.

Origins study is a serious scientific issue that requires cooperation of global scientists. We hope the WHO can adhere to the spirit of science, professionalism and objectivity and work with the international community to jointly uphold the scientific integrity of origins study, resist politicization and safeguard the sound atmosphere of global anti-epidemic cooperation.

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