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Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the UK Parliament Banning Chinese Ambassador from Attending Events upon Invitation at the Parliamentary Estate

Question: It is reported that the Speakers of the UK House of Commons and House of Lords have decided that “the APPG event with the participation of the Chinese Ambassador to the UK should not take place at the parliamentary estate” and that “the Chinese Ambassador should be banned from (activities held at) the parliamentary estate”. The reason given was that the Chinese side had earlier announced sanctions on seven UK parliamentarians. What is your comment?

Embassy Spokesperson: The decision of the UK Parliament reflects the narrow and parochial mindset of some individuals in the UK. It is a shortsighted, reckless and cowardly move. We despise and strongly condemn this.

China’s sanctions on a handful of anti-China parliamentarians of the UK, announced in March, were completely justified and reasonable. It was a necessary response to these people who spread slanderous rumours and disinformation about China’s Xinjiang and to the unilateral sanctions on relevant personnel and institutions in China by the UK side on the pretext of Xinjiang-related issues.

On issues that bear on China’s core interests, the Chinese side always responds resolutely and never tolerates wrong moves. Our firm position will never be shaken by such tricks on the part of the UK Parliament.

In obstructing the Chinese Ambassador from attending an event in the UK Parliament upon invitation as retaliation, the UK Parliament is disregarding the fundamental interest of the Chinese and British people and ignoring international protocol. This is totally wrong and doomed to failure. We urge the handful of individuals in the UK Parliament to stop playing political tricks, or they would only make things worse for themselves.

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