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Embassy Spokesperson's Comment on the China-related Remarks by the UK Side

Question: A few days ago, UK Secretary of the State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs Liz Truss tweeted that she discussed “approach to China” with the Foreign Minister of Lithuania. Moreover, the FCDO of the UK issued a statement saying that the UK Foreign Secretary backs Lithuania and the other relevant countries to “challenge the threat” posed by countries including China. What is the comment of the Chinese Embassy in the UK?

Embassy Spokesperson: We have noticed the relevant reports and express our concern over the remarks of the UK side.

China is a force for peace and stability. China’s development does not pose any threat to any country, but will only create opportunities for the common development of all countries.

The ins and outs of the diplomatic incident between China and Lithuania a few months ago are quite clear. The one-China principle is the premise and foundation for the establishment and development of diplomatic relations between China and all countries. Lithuania’s handling of the Taiwan question gravely contravenes the one-China principle and severely undermines China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. China’s response to this announcement is legitimate and reasonable.

China urges the UK to have a right understanding of the relevant issue, handle it properly, and refrain from creating new obstacles for the development of the China-UK relationship.

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