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Statement by Ambassador WU Haitao at the Security Council Briefing on Foreign Terrorist Fighters


China would like to thank you, Mr. President, for convening today’s meeting on combating foreign terrorist fighters. We also thank Under-Secretary-General Voronkov, Executive Director Coninsx and Ambassador Umarov for their briefings.

Terrorism is a common enemy of humankind. In the face of that joint challenge, the international community shall acknowledge that we are all part of a community with a common destiny. Enhancing our cooperation on counter-terrorism therefore demands that we make the most of the leading role in this area of the United Nations and the Security Council, and respect the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of all States. We must follow a uniform standard and reject the practice of associating terrorism with any particular ethnicity or religion. In order to respond to terrorism’s adaptive nature, we must take comprehensive measures to eradicate its root causes and breeding grounds.

Terrorist forces have carried out violent attacks around the world in the past few years, while the flow of foreign terrorist fighters has become more organized and their means of attack more varied. In order to contain the cross-border movement of foreign terrorist fighters, China would like to propose the following steps.

First, we shall take effective measures to stop the flow of foreign terrorist fighters. Their outward and return journeys severely jeopardize the security and stability of countries of origin, transit and destination. Member States, especially countries adjacent to conflict zones, should strengthen border controls and law enforcement cooperation and take specific measures to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters. The United Nations counter-terrorism bodies and the relevant international organizations should play their designated role by establishing databases and fully information-exchange platforms on the flow of foreign terrorist fighters, sharing intelligence, helping to block the flow of foreign terrorist fighters and assisting Member States in capacity-building based on respect for their sovereignty.

Secondly, we shall enhance efforts to combat terrorist activities conducted through the Internet. In the age of information and the Internet, organizing the flow of foreign terrorist fighters and of financing for terrorism has become simpler, easier to hide and more international. Terrorist organizations use the Internet and social media to incite and recruit terrorist fighters and to plan terrorist attacks. The international community should make blocking the use of social media for the propagation of extremist ideologies a top priority, strengthen Internet oversight and prevent terrorist organizations from using it for their expansion and financing.

Thirdly, we shall respect the diversity of civilizations and eliminate the root causes of the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters: wars, conflicts, ethnic hatred, poverty and backwardness. The international community should remain committed to helping Member States to alleviate poverty, strengthening the political settlement of regional issues and promoting inclusive, universal and balanced development. It should create an environment conducive to dialogue on an equal footing and to the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of our different civilizations and religions. Furthermore, it should establish a new order of international relations and create a community with shared future for mankind.

China is firmly opposed to terrorism in all its forms. As an important member of international counterterrorism efforts, China has actively participated in multilateral cooperation mechanisms, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum. China is ready to join hands with other countries and international organizations to jointly address the threats and challenges of terrorism and maintain international peace and stability.

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