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Statement of Ambassador Wang Guangya at the Joint Public Meeting of the Security Council on the 1267 Committee, CTC and the 1540 Committee


Mr. President,

The Chinese delegation would like to thank Ambassador Mayoral, Ambassador Løj and Ambassador Burian for their presentations of the work of the 1267 Committee, CTC and the 1540 Committee respectively. I'd like to express my congratulations once again to Ambassador Burian on his assumption of the important post of the chairmanship of the 1540 Committee.

Over the past three months, the 1267 Committee completed part of the revision of its work guideline and started the initial stage of cooperation with INTERPOL; the CTED passed the review of the Security Council and became fully operational; the CTC has made progress in clearing the backlog and in facilitating technical assistance, and the 1540 Committee not only carefully considered reports submitted by member states, but also played an active role in coordinating the assistance provided to member states in their implementation of the resolution. All the above is conducive to the effective implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions at the global level and favorable to the strengthening of the constructive role of the Security Council in the international struggle against terrorism. China would like to express its appreciations to the outstanding work carried out by the three chairpersons and the committees under their leadership.

Mr. President,

We believe that in the following stage, the 1267 Committee should, in connection with the revision of its work guideline, further improve the procedure of listing and delisting so as to ensure the fairness and integrity of the consolidated list, and work to reduce the number of pending issues on hold; the CTC should continue its efforts in helping the developing countries to build up their capacity in combating terrorism and expedite the implementation of the provisions of Resolution 1624; the 1540 Committee should focus its attention on the main task of producing by April a comprehensive, objective and balanced report. Besides, it is our hope that the three committees and their subsidiary Monitoring Team, CTED and Expert Group will strengthen cooperation and coordination and put forward as soon as possible practicable recommendations for improvement on questions like simplification of reporting mechanisms.

Mr. President,

Recently, terrorism continues to wreak havoc in various parts of the world. Numerous innocent civilians, including Chinese citizens, were deprived of their right to life in a most cruel manner. Facts of blood have shown once again that the threat of terrorism is ever present and no country can hope to remain unaffected by minding its own business. A poisonous snake will hurt people no matter what kind of disguise it puts on, because it is in its nature. If one pays attention only to combating terrorist individuals or entities endangering one's own country but turns a deaf ear to legitimate demands of other countries, or even sets up blocks to other countries' efforts; if one is only focused on combating individuals or entities currently engaged in plotting terrorist attacks but shows leniency to, even deliberately shields terrorist forces which lie low and conceal their true color, then there is little hope that international anti-terrorism cooperation can develop smoothly and continue in the future. Only when countries regard terrorist forces threatening other countries as their own enemy and joint hands with other countries in effectively combating such terrorist forces can there be no lacuna in international struggle against terrorism and can there be hope that this scourge of mankind will finally be eliminated.

Finally, I wish to reiterate that resolutely fighting terrorism in all its forms and manifestations is both the common obligation of all countries and the basis for the Security Council on which to deepen counter-terrorism cooperation. China will continue to take an active and constructive approach in pushing for genuine and effective implementation of the relevant Security Council resolution.

Thank you, Mr. President

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