Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on November 4, 2008

On November 4, 2008, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang held a regular press conference and announced that President Hu Jintao will attend the summit on financial market and world economy, the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, pay state visits to Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru and Greece, and that Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheit is to visit China and hold the first strategic dialogue between the Chinese and Egyptian Foreign Ministries. He also took questions from journalists.

Qin Gang: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I have a few announcements to make.

At the invitation of US President Bush, President Hu Jintao will attend the G20 Summit on Financial Market and World Economy to be held in Washington D.C. on November 15.

At the invitation of President Garcia of Peru, President Hu Jintao will attend the 16th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting to be held in Lima, capital of Peru from November 22 to 23.

At the invitation of President Arias of Costa Rica, President Raul Castro of the Cuban Council of State and the Council of Ministers, President Garcia of Peru and President Papoulias of Greece, President Hu Jintao will pay state visits to the above four countries from November 16 to 26.

At the invitation of Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit will visit China from November 5 to 7, and hold the first strategic dialogue between the Chinese and Egyptian Foreign Ministries.

Now I'm happy to take your questions.

Q: Will the Chinese Government make a statement on the result of the US Presidential Election?

A: Just like you, I've been following the US Presidential Election closely, and waiting for the final result.

Q: Yang Xianghong, Party Committee Secretary of Lucheng District, Wenzhou City has been staying in France for a while and refuses to come back. Is he under investigation for corruption? Is he facing any charge? If he remains to stay there, will you ask France to extradite him?

A: I may need to check the specifics of the matter you mentioned.

China and relevant country have communication and cooperation in judiciary field. If what you said is true, I hope relevant communication and cooperation mechanism will work.

Q: Egyptian Foreign Minister will arrive in China tomorrow. Together with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, he will hold the first strategic dialogue between the two countries. Could you tell us more details? Which Chinese officials will he meet with? What will the two countries discuss about?

A: Egypt is a major country in the Middle East and the Arab world. China sets great store by its relations with Egypt. China and Egypt established strategic relations of cooperation in 1999, which further promoted our exchanges and cooperation in a wide range of fields. We'd like to maintain frequent high-level exchange of visits with Egypt and exchanges with its Foreign Ministry. During Mr. Gheit's visit, the two countries will have in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common interest.

Q: Are there any new progress in the contact between the Central Government and Dalai's personal representative?

A: About the contact and consultation between the Central Government and the Dalai side, competent authorities will release information in due course.

Q: Dalai has reportedly said that his efforts of seeking "autonomy" in Tibet had failed, and that he doubted whether there could be any breakthrough on this issue during the current talk. How do you respond?

A: The Central Government's position towards Dalai is consistent and clear. We hope he can understand the reality, change his position and renounce his separatist proposition with concrete actions so as to do something good for Tibet during his lifetime.

Q: How do you view the prospect that the US could have its first African American President?

A: It is up to the people in the US to decide who should become the next US President. Here, I'd like to stress that a healthy and stable China-US constructive relationship of cooperation is not only in the fundamental interest of the two countries and two peoples, but also beneficial for world peace, stability and development, and in line with the trend of the times. We hope no matter which party or whoever wins the election, the China-US constructive relations of cooperation will continue to grow.

If there are no more questions, thanks for coming. See you!

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