Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on November 13, 2008

On November 13, 2008, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang held a regular press conference and answered questions on President Hu Jintao attending the G20 summit on financial market and world economy, the Six-Party Talks and etc.

Qin Gang: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Today we have a special group of audience who are the contestants of a mock spokesperson competition held by China Foreign Affairs University among college students in Beijing and Tianjin. Last night, I was among the audience of the competition, and was deeply impressed by their confidence, courage, wisdom and talent. From them I see a promising future of the cause of spokesperson in China. Here, I'd like to extend my warm welcome to them all. If I get stumped on any questions today, I'd ask them to take my place. (Laughter and applause)

Now the floor is open.

Q: Could you brief us on the schedule for President Hu Jintao's bilateral events in Washington?

A: When he is attending the G20 summit on financial market and world economy, President Hu Jintao will have bilateral meetings with leaders of several countries. Specific arrangements are still under discussion.

Q: What does China want to discuss at the financial summit? Is China willing to capitalize the IMF? If so, is this because other countries ask so? What does it take to get China on board?

A: China believes that the G20 summit on financial market and world economy to be held in Washington will be an important platform for the international community to exchange views on the current international financial situation and the future development of world economy. We hope the summit could send a positive and strong message to the international community. That is, countries should join hands, display confidence, decisiveness and a responsible attitude, take measures to restore market confidence, stabilize the financial market and ensure stable growth of world economy. On the other hand, we must have vision to carry out comprehensive, effective and necessary reform to replace the existing international financial system with a fair, just, inclusive and orderly one that could better play the function of supervision, early-warning and helping relevant countries, especially the developing countries. We hope relevant stakeholders will exchange views on the basis of sufficient consultation and reach consensus on some major issues of principle so as to lay a sound foundation for further discussions and the healthy development of world economy. Of course, it's not realistic to expect the one day's summit to be a panacea all the problems, nonetheless, it's significant for leaders of the world to send signal of confidence, solidarity, decisiveness and accountability.

About whether China would capitalize the IMF, in fact, China's subscription share at the IMF was already raised from 2.98% to 3.72% in 2006 according to relevant IMF resolution. China holds that under the current circumstances, the international community should step up cooperation and pull weight together. China is ready to work with world financial organizations including the IMF to jointly address the crisis. We shall continue to play our due role within the IMF and other multilateral organizations.

Q: It's reported that the "Tibetan's in exile" plan to meet in Dharamshala, India next week to discuss whether to continue contact with the Central Government, and to express support for Tibet "independence" and Dalai Lama. What is your position? And what message will you send to these people?

A: The Chinese Government resolutely opposes any overseas activities that attempt to separate China and seek for Tibet "independence". Those who plot and attend the meeting cannot represent the vast majority of the Tibetan people. Their separatist attempt will arrive nowhere.

The Indian Government has repeated its commitment on many occasions that it will not allow any anti-China activities on the Indian territory. We believe India will honor its commitment.

Q: Firstly, Iceland has reportedly turned to China and some other countries for help with its financial crisis. Can you confirm? What is your response? Secondly, Russian media said that the China-Russia negotiation on oil pipeline program in Siberia ceased because of China's unreasonable request of loans. Please confirm. What is your view on the problems with the negotiation?

A: We follow closely the adverse impact of the current international financial crisis on relevant country, which we take note have already taken measures to address the crisis. We hope the measures will take effect as expected. We welcome the IMF and some countries planning to provide assistance to Iceland.

As for your second question, this is normal business negotiation between banks and enterprises on the two sides. I'm not aware of the specifics.

Q: About the Korean nuclear issue. Yesterday North Korea declared that they would not allow taking samplings from the nuclear sites for verification. How will this affect the Six-Party Talks? Can you give us any information about what was discussed yesterday between Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei and Mr. Li Gun?

A: I have taken note of the relevant reports you mentioned. At present, the Six-Party Talks are in the process of finalizing the second phase action. We hope that all the related parties can make joint efforts to press ahead with new progress of the talks. China will continue to play a constructive role in this regard.

Mr. Li Gun, Director General of the North America Department of the D.P.R.K. Foreign Ministry stopped over in Beijing on his way back to the D.P.R.K. from the U.S.. Yesterday, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei met with him. They exchanged views on the current situation of the Six-Party Talks and the next phase of work.

Q: A US official reportedly asserted in anonymity that the Chinese military has boosted its troops along the border with North Korea since this September. Can you confirm?

A: I have not heard of any abnormal circumstances along the border between China and the D.P.R.K..

Q: Chinese travel agencies said that North Korea blocked entry from China via land. Since North Korea has already closed its borders with South Korean, can you confirm whether the land border entrance Dandong between China and North Korean has been closed?

A: We did not hear of any abnormal circumstances on the border between China and the D.P.R.K.. I will double check what you have mentioned with the related authorities. As for the issue between the North and South on the Korean Peninsula, we are happy to see them improve their relations through negotiations. Their conciliation and cooperation is beneficial to peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the region.

Q: The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said yesterday that it needed to be discussed whether President Hu Jintao would meet Lien Chan on the sidelines of the APEC meetings. Do you have any latest information?

A: I do not have that information at present.

Q: Has the Foreign Ministry made any comment on the arrest of Chen Shuibian? Do you have anything to say on this?

A: I suggest you read today's newspapers. The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council has already commented on this. You'd better check up their positions on issues related to cross-strait relations.

Q: Reports say that former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin was in Beijing. Allegedly, he also planned to settle down here. Can you confirm that he was in Beijing? Is he still in Beijing or has he left? My second question is on the lawsuit against Sanlu. Has there been any development on this case? What is the Government's position?

A: About Mr. Thaksin, he was in China on vacation. I read from today's news that he had been to Hong Kong. I don't have any further information.

The Chinese Government's position on the Sanlu infant formula incident is very clear and firm. Any breaches of the law will definitely be punished by relevant authorities. Since the Foreign Ministry is not in charge of the case, please refer your question to the relevant authorities.

Q: Has Thaksin asked the Chinese side for a permission to stay when he was in China? What was your reply? If he raises the issue, what will be your response? Can you tell us the specific dates when President Hu Jintao will be visiting Cuba?

A: About Mr. Thaksin, what I can tell is that he was in China on vacation. As far as I know, he has been to Hong Kong. I prefer not to comment on any hypothetical questions.

On President Hu Jintao's visit to Cuba, he will be there from November 17 to 18.

If there are no more questions, thanks for coming. See you.

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