10th China Salon Held in the Chinese Embassy


On April 6th, more than 70 students from Johns Hopkins University and Georgetown University visited the Chinese Embassy and discussed a wide range of issues with Chinese diplomats.

The discussion was moderated by Counselor Fang Hong. Minister Counselor Tian Deyou, Counselor Tang Zhiwen, Counselor Zhang Yan, and Counselor Pan Jiang exchanged views with the students on China-U.S. relations, bilateral trade, the Taiwan issue, the Belt and Road Initiative, renewable energy, the Korean Peninsular issue, etc.. Speakers also shared their personal diplomatic experiences with the guests. Many of the students said they appreciate the opportunity to have such an open and candid dialogue with Chinese diplomats face-to-face, which is very helpful for them to better understand China and the importance of the China-US relationship.

China Salon is a program of the Chinese Embassy to connect and engage with the American public. The Embassy has held 10 sessions of China Salon up to now.


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