Counselor Zhang Yan Attended the Closing Ceremony of China-US Joint Training Program for Afghan Cooperation and Reconstruction

The closing ceremony of the US session of China-US joint training program for Afghan Cooperation and Reconstruction was held at the US State Department on December 10, 2018. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy, Counselor Zhang Yan attended the ceremony and made remarks. US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Bureau of South and Central Asia affairs of the State Department, Ms. Emilia Puma, Charge d' affairs of the Embassy of Afghanistan in the United, Ms. Madina Qasimi, and the Afghan diplomatic delegation under training were present.

Counselor Zhang conveyed Ambassador Cui's congratulations on the success of the training program and said the diversified and inspiring programs not only help with the trainee's expertise, but also help to promote better understanding and friendship among peoples of China,United States and Afghanistan, showcasing the joint efforts of the international society to support Afghanistan peaceful reconstruction. This joint training program is an outstanding example of the China-Us cooperation in a third country,  illustrating the shared vision and responsibility of China and U.S. to promote peace and prosperity. China is wiling to continue this program with the U.S. as part of our joint efforts to bring greater benefits for Afghan people. China will continue to support the Afghan government in safeguarding national security and stability and promoting the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned political reconciliation process and play a constructive role in helping Afghanistan to achieve unity, stability and prosperity at an early time.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Puma spoke highly of US-China cooperation on the Afghanistan issue and said that Afghan future lies in the hand of the younger generation. The United States stands ready with the Chinese side to continue its efforts to support this joint training program, so as to advance mutual goals of peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. Charge d' affairs Qasimi highly commended the support and assistance by China and the United States, and hoped that the two countries will continue this joint program, helping Afghanistan to promote peaceful reconstruction and development, as well as better participation in regional and global cooperation.

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