Facts about the So-called "Shen Yun" Performance by the "Falun Gong"

Recently, there are often pamphlets and posters seen in apartment buildings, supermarkets and restaurants in Washington, DC and places nearby that promote and praise the so-called "Shen Yun" performance to be staged at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC from March 21 to April 1, 2012 in an attempt to round up more audience. The event will be presented by the "Falun Dafa Association of Washington, DC" and claims itself "reviving 5,000 years of civilization". It may appear to be a performance intended to display Chinese culture, but the Chinese Embassy in the US hereby reminds those who are interested in the Chinese culture that "Shen Yun" is not at all a cultural performance in the common sense. It is necessary to find out more about the so-called "Shen Yun" and the "Falun Dafa" before you decide to watch the show.

1. "Falun Gong" is an anti-society cult.

"Falun Gong", also known as "Falun Dafa", was founded by Li Hongzhi in China in the early 1990s. This organization preaches heretical fallacies that are anti-humanity and anti-science, and exercises extreme mental manipulation on followers. It is a cult that seriously harms the society and violates human rights, and is a cancer in the body of the modern and civilized society. Li Hongzhi, the chief ring leader of "Falun Gong", claims that the mankind has been destroyed 81 times, and that he has delayed the explosion of the earth by 30 years. He claims that the mankind is corrupted, and the earth is the biggest dumping ground of the universe, and that by practicing "Falun Gong", the "true law" above all religions, one would never become sick or get in danger. He even claims that the Holocaust of Jewish people by Hitler was a result of the changes in celestial phenomena. According to incomplete statistics, over 1,000 cult practitioners in China died because they followed Li's teachings and refused to seek medical treatment for their illnesses. Several hundred practitioners committed self-mutilation or suicide. Over 30 innocent people were killed by mentally deranged practitioners of "Falun Gong". "Falun Gong" claims to advocate "truthfulness, benevolence and tolerance", but in fact, the cult tolerates no opposing views whatsoever. It has, time and again, organized practitioners to besiege ordinary Chinese citizens, media and government institutions who questioned its fallacies. To find out more about "Falun Gong" organization, please visit www.facts.org.cn.

2. "Falun Gong" is a political group that is extremely anti-China and attempts to undermine China-US relations.

To protect human rights and the interests of the public, the Chinese Government outlawed "Falun Gong" cult in accordance with law in 1999. But here in the United States, the cult appears as a "religious group" and continues to deceive the public and preach cult messages. In addition, it is also engaged in anti-China political activities aimed at undermining China-US relations. From fabricating stories to attack and vilify the Chinese Government and filing unwarranted lawsuits against Chinese Government institutions and officials to harassing the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the US and engaging in anti-China propaganda aimed at undermining China's stability and overthrowing the Chinese Government, the cult group has turned into a downright anti-China political group. The cult and its anti-China activities have met with widespread opposition and condemnation from the Chinese community in the US.

3. "Shen Yun" is a political tool of "Falun Gong" cult and anti-China agitprop.

The so-called "Falun Dafa Association of Washington, DC" and the "Shen Yun Performing Arts" are controlled by "Falun Gong" cult. They have been staging the so-called "Shen Yun" Performances in the US in recent years in the name of promoting Chinese culture and showcasing the oriental charm. But in fact, in addition to their tacky taste and low artistic standards, the performances were filled with cult messages and implied attacks against the Chinese Government. Li Hongzhi himself has claimed openly that it was he who instructed the various "Falun Gong" groups to organize the "Shen Yun" performances, and that they were aimed at "showcasing the practitioners, salvation and telling the truth" rather than "entertaining the ordinary people". He has claimed that in the course of performance, "the whole stage is filled with divine beings offering help." Clearly, the so-called "Shen Yun" is not a cultural performance at all but a political tool of "Falun Gong" to preach cult messages, spread anti-China propaganda, increase its own influence and raise fund. It blasphemizes and distorts the Chinese culture, and deceives, fools and poisons the audience. This has in recent years prompted quite a number of US media to publish articles exposing what the so-called "Shen Yun" was really about. Some American audience who watched the performance later realized that they have been misled and have posted comments on internet to unveil the true character of the "Shen Yun" performances.

The Chinese culture, with its long history and rich variety, has long been popular among the American public. When endorsing or appreciating events and performances in celebration of the Chinese culture, you are kindly reminded to tell the true from the false and stay away from the so-called "Shen Yun" by the "Falun Gong" organization so as not to be misled and taken advantaged of by the cult.

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