Back Home--Children Adopted from China Experiencing Chinese Culture

On June 12 2010, Ambassador Zhang Yesui and Madame Chen Naiqing held a reception at the Embassy for the American families who have adopted children from China. Over 300 people attended the event, including 80 American families with their Chinese children and representatives from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, U.S. Department of State, FCC and adoption agencies. Minister Liu Guangyuan, Mrs. Liu and families of Embassy staff also attended the reception.

Mme. Chen Naiqing delivered the welcoming remarks. She expressed her appreciation to the American parents for giving their children a lot of care, a warm home and a memorable childhood, providing them with good education and helping them remain connected with the culture of their home country. She said, the Chinese Embassy stands ready to help them know more about China with more opportunities to get close to Chinese culture, and help the children overcome the identities issues faced by many internationally adopted children.


In his warm remarks, Ambassador Zhang Yesui stressed that it is something so special that people so far away apart could get connected, form a family, go through all the cultural barriers and live happily together which shows that, as human beings, what binds us together is much greater than what drives us apart. It is shared hope that these children could grow up to become the ambassadors for deeper friendship between the Chinese and American people. China will continue to enhance bilateral cooperation in this area and deepen the friendship between the two countries.

At the reception, children from the Embassy sang What a Beautiful Jasmine and I Love You, My Motherland in chorus. Some overseas Chinese performed Chinese folk dance The Peacock, martial arts and Guzheng solo Fisherman's Song at Dusk and Edelweiss. Exhibitions of traditional Chinese arts of calligraphy, paper cutting and clay figures aroused great interest among the children. Pictures of Chinese Ethnic Peoples and Shanghai Expo were warmly received. The children were deeply attracted by the Chinese cartoon movies Uproar in Heaven, Nezha Conquers the Dragon, Lotus Lantern and Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf shown during the event. Souvenirs like brochures and post cards were very popular with the guests.


In her congratulatory message, US Senator Mary L. Landrieu said that she is greatly encouraged by the families who have adopted children from China and would continue to work closely with the Chinese side to enhance friendship and ensure that every child will have a loving family.

The guests said that today's event is very rewarding and they are more eager than ever to know more about the Chinese culture. In their remarks, representatives from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption and FCC thanked the Chinese Embassy for hosting this meaningful event and expressed their willingness to continue to push forward the friendship between the two countries and the two peoples.


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