NEWSLETTER Issue III of 2018


Statement of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce on

China's Initiation of WTO Dispute Settlement Procedure Against

U.S. Tariff Under the 301 Investigation

On 4 April 2018, China filed a request for consultations under the dispute settlement mechanism of the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding the proposed product list for additional tariffs published by the U.S. under the Section 301 investigation (hereinafter referred to as the list), thus formally initiated the WTO dispute settlement procedure.

The U.S. announced the list in total disregard of WTO rules and its commitment to the WTO. According to the list, a 25% additional ad valorem duties will be imposed on a variety of Chinese products of about 1300 tariff lines, with an estimated trade value of approximately $50 billion. Such unilateralist action not only infringed China's rights and interests, but also flagrantly violated WTO rules and will undoubtedly compromise the foundation of the multilateral trading system that is based on rules and disciplines. China resolutely opposes such action.

China has been an active player, firm supporter and important contributor to the multilateral trading system. China hopes and believes that WTO dispute settlement body will deal with this case in an objective and fair way, and earnestly safeguard the rule-based global trade order.


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