China Salon VII held in the Embassy of China


A "China Salon" was held on February 10, 2017 in the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the U.S.. More than 180 people from different sectors joined the event.

In her remarks, Minister Wu Xi highlighted the significance of this year to the China-US relations and briefed the audience about the recent phone call between President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump. She said, on February 9, during an important phone conversation, President Xi said the Chinese side stands ready to make joint efforts with the U.S. to cement communication and expand cooperation, so as to push bilateral relations for healthy and stable development, achieve more fruitful outcomes and benefit the two countries and the two peoples. The two sides should work together to keep moving towards this direction for more progress in bilateral exchanges and win-win cooperation, so as to serve the interest of the two countries as well as world peace and development.


A panel discussion was moderated by Counselor Fang Hong. Minister Counselor Zhou Jingxing, Counselor Zheng Zhenhua and Second Secretary Zhou Chong from the embassy gave presentations on China-US relations, China's perspective on globalization and the bilateral trade. They also answered questions on the Taiwan issue, Korean nuclear issue, Middle East, cooperation on infrastructure, among others. The audience enjoyed the opportunity to exchange views with Chinese diplomats face-to-face. They think such open and candid dialogues are very helpful for them to better understand the importance of China-US Relationship.

China Salon program was initiated by the Chinese Embassy in 2016 as a platform to communicate with the American public. The Embassy has held seven sessions of China Salon up to now.


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