President Xi Jinping Speaks with US President Donald Trump on the Phone

On 27 March, President Xi Jinping took a phone call from US President Donald Trump.

President Xi stressed that since the COVID-19 outbreak began, the Chinese side has acted in an open, transparent and responsible manner and provided timely updates on the outbreak to the World Health Organization (WHO) and relevant countries including the United States. China has released the genome sequencing of the virus at the earliest opportunity. China is sharing control and treatment experience without reservation and doing its best to support and help countries in need. China will continue to do so and work with the international community to defeat the outbreak.

President Xi pointed out that infectious diseases are the common enemy of mankind and recognize no border or race. To win the fight against them, the international community must come together. Thanks to the joint efforts of the parties, the Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit yesterday produced a lot of consensus and positive results. China hopes that with stronger coordination and cooperation, the parties will deliver the outcomes of the Extraordinary Summit and inject a strong impetus into international anti-epidemic cooperation and efforts to stabilize the global economy. China stands ready to work with all parties, including the US, to continue to support the important role of WHO, enhance information and experience sharing on COVID-19 control and treatment, speed up joint research to make breakthroughs, and improve global health governance. At the same time, we need to enhance macroeconomic policy coordination to stabilize markets, boost growth and protect livelihood, and to keep global supply chains open, stable and secure.

When asked, President Xi shared in great detail the measures taken by China to fight COVID-19. He emphasized that he is monitoring closely and following with concern the outbreak in the US and noted the string of measures taken by President Trump in response. It is the sincere hope of the Chinese people that the US will contain the spread of COVID-19 at an early date and reduce its impact on the American people. China has been keen on international cooperation against the outbreak. The current situation requires solidarity and cooperation between China and the US. The two countries’ health authorities and epidemic experts have been in touch on the evolvement of COVID-19 globally as well as bilateral cooperation on control and treatment. The Chinese side will continue to share information and experience with the US without reservation. Chinese provinces, cities and businesses are sending medical supplies to the US. China appreciates the current difficulties the US faces and is willing to help as its ability permits. President Xi stressed that there are still a large number of Chinese citizens including students in the US. The Chinese government attaches great importance to their life and health. It is hoped that the US side will take solid and effective steps to look after them and ensure their safety and well-being.

President Xi underscored that the China-US relationship has reached an important juncture. As cooperation benefits both sides and confrontation hurts both, the former remains the only correct choice. It is hoped that the US will take substantive steps to improve the relationship and work with China to strengthen cooperation in areas such as outbreak preparedness and response. This will contribute to building a relationship based on non-conflict or confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

President Trump said that he listened carefully to President Xi’s remarks at the Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit and that, like many other leaders, he appreciated the views and proposals put forward by President Xi.

President Trump inquired in detail about the control and treatment measures taken by China. He noted that both the US and China are facing challenges posed by COVID-19 and he is happy to see the gains made by China in fighting it. China’s experience is inspiring. He will see that the US focuses on working with China to fight the outbreak without interference. He thanked China for providing medical supplies to the US and enhancing bilateral medical and health exchanges, including cooperation on finding effective therapeutics. It has been put out on social media that the American people have great love and respect for the Chinese people. Educational institutions in the US would not be the same without Chinese students. The US will take good care of Chinese people living in the US, including Chinese students.

The two Presidents agreed to stay in touch on issues of mutual interest.

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