President Xi Jinping Speaks with the King of Saudi Arabia on the Phone

President Xi Jinping had a phone call with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia Friday evening Beijing time.

President Xi noted that under the King’s stewardship, the G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Summit was a success. Participating leaders reached important consensus on jointly combating the COVID-19 outbreak and restoring global economic stability, sending a positive message to the world. Xi expressed China’s appreciation for the excellent preparation and organization under the G20 Saudi presidency.

Xi stressed that virus respects no borders and therefore can only be defeated by all countries working together. G20 members must recognize that they are part of the human community with a shared future. As such, they must strengthen solidarity, coordination and cooperation, and take resolute and strong action to contain the virus and stabilize the world economy. China will stay in close touch with Saudi Arabia to maintain and strengthen G20 cooperation.

Xi stressed that China is grateful for the King’s earlier message of sympathy and support and the many shipments of supplies from the Saudi government and society since the onset of the outbreak. China is determined to reciprocate the generosity and goodwill. Now that Saudi Arabia is battling the COVID-19 outbreak, China will do its best to help. Xi offered to share epidemic control experience and facilitate the procurement of medical supplies so as to better protect the life and health of the two peoples and safeguard public health security in the world and their respective regions. In the meantime, China will work with Saudi Arabia to enhance political trust, deepen practical cooperation and upgrade their comprehensive strategic partnership.

King Salman commended and congratulated the Chinese government for successfully bringing COVID-19 under control with decisive and vigorous measures. “China’s success sends a message of hope to the world,” said the King, who also expressed full confidence in the Chinese government and people and his conviction that China will defeat the outbreak soon and come out even stronger.

The King stressed that the friendship between Saudi Arabia and China has been tested by adversity. The bilateral relationship is growing from strength to strength. Saudi Arabia is forever grateful to China for sending testing and medical supplies and is determined to always stand by China. The kingdom hopes to benefit from China’s epidemic control experience and welcomes closer communication and cooperation in the health sector. “I am confident that by joining force against COVID-19, the friendship between our two countries will grow even stronger,” said King Salman.

He also thanked President Xi for supporting Saudi Arabia’s organization of the Extraordinary G20 Leaders’ Summit. The Saudi side hopes to enhance coordination and cooperation with China in the G20 and bring the world out of the crisis soon.

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