Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson refutes the US accusation of China being "tough"

At Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson's regular press conference on September 22, one journalist asked: Some US officials lately anonymously let out information to the media, saying that dialogue and communication between the US and China has not been effective for some time. They accuse China of being "tough" without the intention to have serious or substantive meetings. What is China's comment?

Spokesperson Zhao Lijian: Since the beginning of 2021, the presidents of China and the US had two phone calls, and the two sides had a dialogue in Anchorage and a meeting in Tianjin. Director Yang Jiechi and State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had multiple phone calls with Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Vice Premier Liu He spoke with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Trade Representative Katherine Tai. The US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry visited China twice. In addition, people responsible for various departments and sectors also maintain communication and contact. Both publicly and privately, the US side said such dialogue and communication is candid, beneficial and constructive.

In the talks, China has elaborated on its position. The "two lists" and "three bottom lines", among others, are about the fundamental and substantive issues in China-US relations, which we expect serious treatment and earnest response from the US. However, we have not seen substantive response so far.

China is serious, consistent and clear about dialogue and communication between China and the US. We welcome dialogue and communication, but only with mutual respect. We support coordination and cooperation, but only for mutual benefits.

Let me be clear about what we oppose: First, plotting gimmickry before and after the talks to provoke and smear China, and using megaphone diplomacy and even threat of sanctions in attempt to gain the so-called "position of strength" through extreme pressure. The Chinese people don't buy such condescending and bossy moves. Second, interfering in China's internal affairs and undermining China's interests while expecting China to render help on issues of US' concern. This approach won't work. Instead of reflecting on its own bullying rhetoric and actions, the US turned to accuse China and falsely criticize China's legitimate and justifiable moves to safeguard sovereignty, security and development interests as being "tough" and without the intention to have serious or substantive meetings. The US is trying to blame the innocent party for what itself is guilty of. How unreasonable it is when one asks others to swallow all the beat and scold!

The two heads of state reached important and positive consensus on bringing China-US relations back onto the right track of sound and steady development in their two phone calls on the Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve and September 10 respectively. President Biden also reiterated the US side's commitment to the one-China policy. Guided by the spirit of the phone calls, the Chinese side will continue advancing dialogue and communication with the US and strive for the development of bilateral ties. We hope that the US will also match its words with actions, work in the same direction with China, and earnestly implement the spirit of the phone calls and President Biden's commitment to the letter.

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