Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: The US Side Should Seriously Reflect upon Its Own Human Rights Abuses, Manage Its Own Business Well

China Daily: According to reports, US President Joe Biden said at the dedication ceremony for the Dodd Centre for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut that "when we look around the world today, we cannot say that the specter of atrocity is behind us", adding that the world is seeing "the oppression and use of forced labor of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang; the treatment of the Rohingya by the military junta in Burma; the rampant abuses, including the use of starvation and sexual violence, to terrorize civilian populations in Northern Ethiopia". Do you have any comment?

Zhao Lijian: The so-called "oppression" and "forced labor" are sheer lies. Xinjiang now enjoys social stability, economic development, solidarity among ethnic groups and harmony among religions. People of all ethnic groups live a happy and fulfilling life, with all rights and interests prescribed by law fully guaranteed. The so-called human rights issues in Xinjiang are an outright political conspiracy. The true intention is to undermine prosperity and stability in Xinjiang and contain China's development.

The US, a self-styled defender of democracy and human rights, has a poor record itself. The US is facing swelling racial discrimination. Its negative response to COVID-19 claimed 700,000 lives. It wantonly waged wars and killed civilians in other countries with a test tube of laundry power and a piece of fake intelligence report as the evidence, and created humanitarian disasters by imposing unilateral sanctions. The US adopts double standards and a selective approach when it turns a blind eye to the acts of killing civilians in Afghanistan.

Facts have proven time and again that the "beacon of democracy", a title that the US prides itself on, has long collapsed. It is in no position to claim to be a defender of human rights or lecture others on the issue. The US side should seriously reflect upon its own human rights abuses, manage its own business well, and stop interfering in other countries' domestic affairs and undermining their interests in the name of human rights.

( Source : Foreign Ministry Regular Press Conference on Oct 18, 2021)

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