Taiwan leader Ma says cross-Strait relations likely to go further

TAIPEI, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- Taiwan's leader Ma Ying-jeou said on Friday cross-Strait relations will likely go further during his term despite "small ripples".

In a TV interview on Friday afternoon, Ma said cross-Strait relations did have "small ripples" but that was not fundamental.

Commenting on the progress of the cross-Strait relations since he took office, Ma said cross-Strait relations must be judged from a much longer perspective and in a broader context.

He said some issues may not be solved all at once and need to be taken step by step.

The current setback in cross-Strait relations was much smaller than those seen before he took office.

"So we must not be too worried or lose our faith," Ma said.

He noted the purpose of cross-Strait policies was to provide a better environment for the next generation and all need to face the issue, otherwise it would be a "lose-lose" situation.

If Taiwan fails to continue on this path, the future will really be very difficult, Ma said.

Ma's second term as Taiwan's leader will end in May next year.

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