More overseas Chinese, media hail Hu-Lien meeting(05/04/05)


 Overseas Chinese and media have hailed the meeting between Hu Jintao and Lien Chan, top leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Chinese Kuomintang (KMT) party as of historic and realistic importance.

    Lien's Mainland journey and the historic meeting with Hu are positive signals for the reunification of China, said representatives of overseas Chinese groups in America gathered in San Francisco on May 1.

    "This meeting marks the first high-level political communication between the Mainland and Taiwan," said Chi Honghu, general consultant of the newly founded Federation for China Reunification in America, which was made up of 13 Chinese groups from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and other six US cities, as well as those form Costa Rica and Ecuador.

    The representatives said they were inspired by the Hu-Lien meeting, especially the communique released afterwards.

    "Of course the overseas Chinese, most of whom support the reunification of China, hope this momentum to be well kept," Chi told a press meeting. "It will promote peaceful development and cross-Straits exchanges in many fields."

    "But at first, we strongly call for the authorities of Taiwan to return to the stand of one China," he noted. "This must be the starting point for the Mainland and Taiwan to begin further political talks."

    "With Lien's visit, the Kuomintang has stridden an important step forward," said Hu Weisheng, a representative of overseas Chinese groups in Los Angeles. "It's earning fame in the history."

    "But we are truly touched by the sincerity of CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao," he said. "Many of my friends from Taiwan now say the CPC is making huge efforts to defend (China's) territorial integrity and sovereignty."

    "That will be a first step in the way toward cross-Straits peace, Chinese reunification, and ultimately the renaissance of our nation," he said.

    In Sofia, the Association for China's Peaceful Reunification in Bulgaria on Monday voiced its strongest support for the joint press communique released after the Hu-Lien meeting.

    Zhang Guanghan, director of the association, said in a statement that the communique reflects the wisdom and ability of the Chinese people to resolve the country's internal affairs and constitutes a heavy blow to pro-independence forces in Taiwan.

    He called on all overseas Chinese around the world to unite and struggle for an early peaceful reunification of the motherland.

    In Bogota, the Association of Overseas Chinese in Colombia, the Association for China's Peaceful Reunification in Colombia and other Chinese groups have spoken highly of the Hu-Lien talks, the first summit between the two parties in 60 years.

    The meeting was a major event not only for the two parties but also in China's history, said those Chinese groups, adding the landmark meeting was of great significance which was in accordance with the common aspiration of all Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

    Meanwhile in Singapore, the Straits Times commented in an editorial on Tuesday that the Hu-Lien meeting will create conditions for substantive, lasting cooperation between the two sides.

    Beijing's offer to form a sort of common market will complete the process of Taiwan's economic integration with the Mainland, according to the editorial.

    "An offer to end mutual hostility also carries significance," it noted, adding that closer economic ties across the Taiwan Straits will further reduce the danger of military conflict.

    It said Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian should adapt himself so as to "secure a future his people deserve," taking into consideration such factors as the changing Taiwanese opinion as well as the positive expectations from Asia, the United States and Europe.

    An editorial carried by a Venezuelan Chinese-language newspaper on Monday applauded Lien's Mainland visit, saying it opened the door of peace and mutual benefit across the Taiwan Straits.

    It urged Chen to comply with the wishes of the people and recognize the 1992 consensus.

    A Thai newspaper, the Asia Daily, on Monday also said the Hu-Lien meeting and the joint press communique made all Chinese around the world delighted and excited.

    "This is a successful meeting, a successful cooperation based on one-China policy and opposition to 'Taiwan independence'. It unfolded the rosy prospects of peaceful intercourse and common development across the Taiwan Straits," said the paper in an editorial.

    The historic meeting has signified joint efforts of the CPC and the KMT against "Taiwan independence," it added.

    Lien's visit shows that the KMT party is a wise party full of political vitality. The issues stated in the joint communique are beneficial to peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, to the economic development on the Taiwan island, the further development of friendly relations across the Straits, it commented.

    Official Syrian newspaper the Tishrin said Lien's visit to China's mainland and the Hu-Lien meeting is a "historical event" which has achieved a breakthrough in the cross-Straits relations.

    The visit will have far reaching influence on the opening of dialogues, it added.

    Lien, leading a KMT delegation, kicked off a week-long visit to China's Mainland last Tuesday, the first by a top KMT leader since the KMT lost a civil war and fled to Taiwan in 1949.


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