Chinese delegation promotes Tibetan culture in France

PARIS, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese delegation promoting Tibetan culture gave France a closer look at the region during a visit that ran from Tuesday to Saturday.

The delegation, sponsored by the Chinese State Council Information Office, introduced Tibet's history, economy, society and culture by holding discussions and seminars and giving reports and interviews.

Pubu Cering, a Chinese Tibetologist who headed the delegation, said Tibet has made great achievements in economic and social development, which reflect the requirements of social advancement and the fundamental wishes of the Tibetan people.

Pubu attributed Tibet's development to the care of the central government and the help of Chinese people of all ethnic groups.

Tibetans now enjoy full freedom of religious beliefs and the Chinese government respects and protects the religious freedom of Tibetans in accordance with the law, he said.

Francois Asensi, a member of the French National Assembly, told Xinhua after meeting the delegation that he was amazed by Tibet's rapid economic development and achievements.

He added he has always hoped to know a real Tibet, and it was a great opportunity to meet directly with scholars from Tibet.

The delegates of Overseas Chinese said the delegation could let the West know more about Tibet.

With the country's development, China should have more influence on international opinion, and deepen its friendship with western countries, the delegation said in an interview.


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