Chinese art performance in Athens receives warm welcome

ATHENS, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- Greek and Chinese audience gave a warm welcome to a delegation of artists from China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region who staged a fascinating performance in Athens on Dec. 10.

Chinese dance and music lovers flocked the Anna Maria Kalouta theater in central Athens to enjoy the "Embrace China - Embrace Greece" show which featured folk songs and dances accompanied with traditional Chinese musical instruments, as well as magic performances.

The event was organized by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese with the support of the Chinese embassy in Greece and the Athens municipality government as part of celebrations marking the 40th anniversary of Sino-Greece diplomatic relations this year.

"The aim of the performance is to present the Chinese civilization, strengthen the links with Chinese expats and broaden relations with other nations of the world," said Abulizi Abudureyimu, head of the 25-member delegation.

Before the performance started, representatives of the Chinese communities in Greece handed over to City of Athens Deputy Mayor Fotis Provatas the funds raised during their successful charity bazaar held in Athens on Dec. 9.

The sum of 9,175 euros (12,018 U.S. dollars) will be donated to the Athens Municipality Reception Center for the homeless to show solidarity of Chinese expats in Greece with the Greek people.

"Greek peoples who live in this wonderful country welcomed us with warmth, joy, love and support. We thank you," said Xu Weichun, President of Chinese Commercial and Cultural Association of Greece.

Chinese Ambassador to Greece Du Qiwen said the initiative "reaffirms the virtues of the Chinese nation. We love our friends and we work hard together to overcome difficulties and create a brighter future,"

"The Chinese community gives a great example also to Greeks in regards to the stance each citizen should hold towards the needy. We keep this in our heart and be sure we will not forget," Provatas replied.


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