The Chinese Embassy Hosts Reception in Bidding Farewell to Minister Xie Feng and Welcoming Minister Deng Hongbo

On October 5, Ambassador Zhang Yesui and Mme. Chen Naiqing hosted a reception to bid farewell to Minister Xie Feng and Mme. Wang Dan and welcome Minister Deng Hongbo and Mme. Shi Ling. Over 200 people attended the reception, including Minister Yang Zigang of the Chinese Embassy, Jeff Bader, Senior Director of the White House National Security Council, David Shear, deputy Assistant Secretary of State, David Loevinger, the Treasury Department's Executive Secretary and Senior Coordinator for China affairs, Robert Dohner, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Treasury, Michael Shiffer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Stephen Jacobs, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Matthew Borman Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Timothy Wineland, Deputy Assistant USTR, Thomas McLarty, former White House Chief of Staff, John Negroponte, former Deputy Secretary of State,James Sasser, former US Ambassador to China and other representatives from the US government, the Congress, think tanks, business community, media agencies and foreign diplomatic corps.

In his remarks, Ambassador Zhang commended Minister Xie's dedication and competence as well as his contribution to the development of China-US relations. He said Minister Xie is a great deputy to work with and wished him every success in his new position. Ambassador Zhang extended his warm welcome to Minister Deng Hongbo. He hoped that the American friends will strongly support Minister Deng as they did for Minister Xie.

Minister Xie shared his 33 months of experience and feeling in the United States. He thanked his colleagues in the Embassy and American friends for their support, and expressed his readiness to redouble his efforts to further advance China-US relations.

Minister Deng said that he's honored to come to the United states at a time when China-US relations entered an important stage. He hoped that he could perform his duty with the support of the colleagues in the Embassy and American friends from all sectors.

Senior Director Jeff Bader and Deputy Assistant Secretary David Shear both applauded the development of China-US relations in recent years. They wished Minister Xie good luck in his future endeavor and looked forward to establishing good working relationship with Minister Deng.


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