Ambassador Zhang Yesui Attends USCBC Gala

On December 1, 2010, Ambassador Zhang Yesui attended the Annual Gala Dinner hosted by the U.S.-China Business Council and delivered remarks on China-US relations.

Ambassador Zhang extended his appreciation to USCBC for its contribution to the advancement of China-US relations and the business cooperation over the years. He gave an overview of the development of China-US business ties in recent period. The Ambassador pointed out that China-US economic and trade relations are mutually beneficial in nature. Such business ties have not only contributed to China's economic development, but also brought huge tangible benefits to the United States. As both countries pursue economic restructuring, important opportunities will emerge for both sides to expand cooperation in such important areas as energy, environment and infrastructure. China-US business ties have a bright future.

Ambassador Zhang stressed that it is of vital importance to resist protectionist pressures in trade and investment and avoid politicizing economic and trade issues in order to ensure the healthy growth of China-US business cooperation. China attaches great importance to resolving the concerns in the US about China's investment environment and the US trade imbalance. The Chinese side hopes that the US side will ease its export control on high-tech products to China, expand US export to China, increase Chinese investment in the US by providing a fair playing field to Chinese companies and avoid taking legislative actions on the currency issue as part of the efforts to address the above issues and uphold the larger interests of China-US business cooperation.

Ambassador Zhang gave a positive assessment of the current China-US relations and underscored that the common interests of our two countries far outweigh the differences. Dialogue and cooperation have all along been the mainstream of bilateral relations. It is imperative for both sides to stick to the right direction of China-US relations and implement the important consensus reached by the two Presidents. Both sides also need to respect each other's core interests and major concerns, strengthen dialogue, communications and cooperation, enhance strategic trust, avoid strategic shocks and work together to build a positive, comprehensive and cooperative China-US relationship.

Madame Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State of the US, delivered a keynote address on US-China overall relationship and bilateral trade and economic cooperation. About 350 people, including Muhtar Kent, Chair of USCBC, John Frisbie, President of USCBC, Gary Locke, Secretary of Commerce, Robert Hormats, Under Secretary of State, Senator Mark Kirk, and Congressmen Charles Boustany and Rick Larson who co-chair the US-China Working group in the House of Representatives as well as representatives from the US administration, the Congress, think tanks and business circle attended the event.


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